Promotion and advertising - no matter the size of the business, we have a lot to offer! 


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We offer various communication solutions to small and bigger business units, which are searching for their market identity, promotion and communication ideas. Our background is copywriting and journalism, our experience comes from big advertising agencies working for brands known worldwide.


At the moment we deliver not only copywriting services, but we also secure mostly every part of the marketing project production process - strategy, scripts for promotional activities, filming and montage, creating websites and applications, preparing images, graphics and much more. Our goal is to deliver complex services to those searching for recognition and promotion and what's more - we want our offer to be accesible for everyone.


Whether you are looking for a website content, promo materials, slogan or Facebook communication for your company, we will be glad to present solutions for anything you may need. We work mainly in English and Polish, we also translate between these languages but our initiatives and the way of thinking know no borders. We are a creative toolbox full of skills and ideas ready to share our knowledge and deliver. We would love to take care of you as well!


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Moving images, movie promos, scenarios, post production,  dubbing, interviews, animations...



We deliver complete movie scenarios and produce materials like: spots, promo presentations, videoclips, animations and many more.